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Derek will be sadly missed

Posted by Sharron Ashurst on 16-09-13 21:57:33 BST

We were so very sad to hear of the death of Derek Wilton one of our Charity Champions.  Derek worked for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust and had been a Champion for just over 18 months.  

Derek was an activie fundraiser for many charities including The Blue Lamp Foundation.

Our thoughts and sincere condolenses are with his wife Noelle, his family, friends and colleagues at this time.

Fantastic run to thank real-life superheroes

Posted by Sharron Ashurst on 09-09-13 12:37:07 BST


MILD-mannered systems analyst Peter Ryan will be putting his keyboard to one side, and donning a Lycra costume in an attempt to set a world record for the fastest half marathon, dressed as a superhero.




Posted by Sharron Ashurst on 02-08-13 14:33:28 BST


Peter Sweeney, Chairman of PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation said:

“The Blue Lamp Foundation has, like most charities operating in these difficult economic times, seen a drop in donations received and we are realistic in that we wont be able to meet David’s £1m target by October 2013.  We have however kept this target in mind and are still working towards it.

“We have a very loyal and dedicated group of fundraisers out there who raise money for the charity time and time again.  Either those who were touched by David’s story or those who work in the emergency services themselves or who have friends or family members who do.

“We know from those who we have helped and the donations made to the Fire Fighters Charity  (FFC) and Police Treatment Centres  (PTC) that our support is invaluable.  The grants we made to FFC and PTC are so that we are not only able to help those who come directly to us but so that we could help many hundreds more.

“The Board of Trustees is very conscious to keep running costs as low as we can and where possible we apply for grants to cover these running costs.  Most of those involved with the charity are volunteers who give up their spare time either because they knew David personally or were invited to join the charity.  It is impossible however to operate without some paid support.

“The money we have spent on running the charity has enabled us to bring in just under £180k in fundraising in our last financial year.  Every single penny of that money will be used to benefit those who are injured whilst on duty and make a claim to the Foundation.

“In our two full years of existence our accounts have been independently audited and are fully compliant with HMRC, Companies House and Charity Commission legislation.

“We actively encourage any member of the emergency services, who has been injured in the line of duty, to apply for a grant.  Our board of Trustees will consider all applications made.  Our grant recipients have the right to anonymity so we are not always able to publicise the grants we are awarding.

"We have responded to applications we have received and developed our objectives to work with other charities with the same aspirations as ourselves which is why the focus has widened from grants to facilitiating rehabilitation therefore meeting the needs better of the emergency services personnel who have approached us."

Sports event close to David Rathband’s heart raises funds for his charity

Posted by Sharron Ashurst on 29-07-13 16:12:39 BST


Police Officers from across the UK, including some of PC David Rathband’s former colleagues from the Northumbria force will battle it out on a Volleyball court to raise money for his charity.




All in a days fun for these Warwickshire Police Officers!

Posted by Sharron Ashurst on 23-07-13 10:55:44 BST


Seven members of Atherstone Safer Neighbourhood Team took on the challenge of climbing Snowdon earlier this year whilst their colleagues, six detectives from Warwickshire Police took part in the Wolf Run in Southam Warwickshire, under the team name ‘The Thick Blue Line’!