Or we might ask the patients who received dialysis about which type of drug they would take. The panel might have also a variety of other purposes. In particular, I think that a panel would be valuable for two reasons: it might help to identify treatments that might be less harmful to some individuals than others, and it might be useful in assessing the relative cost-effectiveness of different treatment options. If a panel was also made up of experts, it would be possible to draw conclusions about the relative benefits and costs of treatments based on the results of the panel.

It would be also worth considering the role of the community. I know of diuertic potency amiloride vs aldactone the community to participate in a process of rationing than that of participating in the process. And if the community decides that it wants to participate, it need not have all that formal involvement. But if the community does not choose to participate, then it will still be necessary for the community to evaluate the relative benefit and cost of each treatment and to give its assessment. And to have a panel could help to minimize some of the difficulties that the public at large diuertic potency amiloride vs aldactone the basis of a range drawn from the available information. Finally, in Seattle the rationing was not based on the value of individual lives. Instead, it was based on a cost-benefit analysis.

It is possible to make such an analysis. In the absence of any clear guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services and with no specific evidence that the program was any more effective than the current system, the Seattle experiment may provide one. Koss, MD, describes the results of a study conducted at a community-level hospital. In this case, a team of physicians, statisticians, nurses, and administrators was asked to examine an existing list of patient outcomes and make recommendations for changes to achieve the highest score possible. In the end, the team came away with an'idealized ideal of health,' a list of goals and goals targets that are, in some form, attainable through some standard of care. In a clinical setting, this is a valuable opportunity to assess how well each hospital or practice is meeting the needs of patients.


Frumil is a potent diuretic that is used for treatment of hypertension and swelling caused by heart failure and other conditions.