The dulcolax bisacodyl of these is the hormone estrogen. An estrogen-based drug, called oestrogen receptor modulators and progesterone agonists, have been around for more than a decade, with much promise, yet their clinical use has been limited. These drugs have many positive features as well.

They are safe, are cheap and easily administered, and have excellent safety profiles. The dulcolax bisacodyl estrogen-based drugs are not just good for women's health but also for men and their reproductive systems and for the environment as well. Their bisacodyl(dulcolax) now becoming more widespread in the United States and Europe as well. A growing number of studies are showing that these drugs not only offer advantages for men but also may contribute to the reduction of prostate cancer, the primary cause of which is the production of prostatic acid. The new drug class, ERAs, has the added advantage that the body's ability to respond adequately to any one drug, as opposed to just one of a family of chemicals that are often administered at the same time, changes over time.

Some ERAs are not metabolized well and therefore do not work when the body is under stress. Some ERAs are also more active when the dose is adjusted, and when they take effect, the body is ready to take advantage of the new effect. It is possible that the use of these drugs may result in the creation of more effective, or even safer, drugs over which the body will have more ability and freedom to adapt. For example, the fact that most of the medications that were developed based on natural chemicals are now being developed on the basis of synthetic chemicals may provide some hope.


Dulcolax is used to relieve occasional constipation and irregularity.