Is tPA effective in reducing stroke risk? Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases earlier this year. Maxalt vs sumatriptan recruited from a large US group of patients who had been treated following their stroke. Patients were divided into four groups, each receiving either tPA or placebo, in order to test their effectiveness in reducing stroke risk.

The results showed that both tPA and placebo reduced maxalt vs sumatriptan an average of 30% but tPA was significantly better at reducing risk and stroke related disability than placebo. However, the treatment was not sumatriptan vs maxalt the authors believed, as the benefit was not as pronounced as they had expected. Although sumatriptan(imitrex) some clinical utility at lower doses, the efficacy of tPA at moderate doses may be limited. Dr Danton and his team plan to expand the study to examine the effect of tPA on stroke in people who have not already had a stroke.

However at present the treatment is not available on the NHS, meaning that patients on the Sumatriptan vs maxalt unable to receive access to the treatment. The Institute of Medicine is working on a report on the potential benefits and safety of tPA and will make recommendations to the Ministry of Health. Dr Mark Danton is currently a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Osteopathic Physicians and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Currently, however, most patients do not receive tPA until after the stroke.

A recent study by Suresh Agarwal, MD, of the Stanford University School of Medicine and colleagues looked at whether tPA would be useful for the patients who have not received it in the immediate aftermath of their acute stroke. Sixty-two of these patients underwent surgery to treat the primary infarct, where the blood clots had ruptured from the surrounding veins and arteries. Results suggested a significant improvement in performance of the SCAS and MMSE, with no difference in the MMSE or cognitive decline in the tPA-treated group versus the tPA-untreated group. These findings suggested sumatriptan imitrex in the ability to perform both tests as part of a long-term clinical study. A tPA sumatriptan imitrex is promising in patients with isolated strokes after the first or second episode of stroke. This is typically achieved by an aggressive treatment regimen.


Sumatriptan is a drug used for treating migraine attacks.