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This is the period of immunosuppression, in which the body attempts to protect itself by removing the damaged cells and tissue. The second post-inflammatory phase can also be a post-translational phase. The same is true of the many other disorders that share this fundamental etiology: autoimmune thyroid diseases; autoimmune disorders of the brain and nervous system; and numerous autoimmune disorders that cause systemic lupus erythematosus. It was not long before other disorders in which it was believed that only one or two distinct diseases could be caused by autoimmune disorders were identified to share the same basic etiology. In fact, there has been prosolution penis enlargement pills many of these disorders together. In addition to these autoimmune disorders, it is also possible that a number of other conditions can cause the same type of disease. For example, an autoimmune disorder that appears to have no specific genetic components, such as multiple sclerosis, may share a common genetic cause in the presence of some other genetic or environmental factors.

The genetic etiology for many of these other conditions, although not mutually exclusive, is the same, although the etiology may vary among different individuals. There are also several conditions that are thought to share a common underlying etiology without having an obvious genetic or environmental contribution. For example, it is possible that the same underlying etiology exists in multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, and hyperthyroidism. It appears to be more common in many of these conditions than it is in one disorder. It is possible that there may be a genetic basis for the shared etiology for these other diseases. Perhaps the underlying etiology and environmental factors are the same. This is a very general hypothesis.

What are the biological mechanisms? One of the most common ways in which the human body attempts to protect itself against damage, to protect against the possibility of a problem occurring, is to create and maintain its own protective mechanisms. Protective mechanisms are the body's responses against potentially damaging factors that might otherwise affect the body or damage the tissues surrounding the organ or structure they are operating in. These processes include production of antibodies, production of enzymes, production of hormones, and even the production of tissue repair agents. A large body of studies has revealed that many of the body's protective mechanisms are also prosolution penis enlargement pills of its beneficial responses to life and disease. A number of these mechanisms are involved in the prevention, treatment, and therapy of the majority of human illnesses and diseases.


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